Find out how lazy you are. Or don't.
Question 1
Which of the following activites is your favorite?
Going rock climbing.
Hanging out with friends
Playing GTA V
Question 2
If you saw a baby drowning in a pool, what would you do FIRST?
Jump in immediately to save it.
Make sure no one else is already diving in before saving it.
Call 911
Slowly put down your sweaty cheesburger and wipe the ketchup from your fingers before applying sun lotion to make sure you don't get burnt whilst saving the poor kid
Question 3
What is the remainder of 47/2?
Can I phone a friend?
I'm skipping this question.
Question 4
What's your favorite movie?
Donnie Darko
The Avengers
Anything with Adam Sandler.
Question 5
Approximately how much of your leisure time is spent doing physical activity?
Question 6
What would you do if someone ran by and snatched your purse/wallet?
Trip the bastard.
Run after the stealer.
Call 911
'Eh. Wasn't that great of a wallet anyway.'
Question 7
What is your favorite nightly activity?
Krav Maga.
Taking the dog for a walk
Watching TV
Watching cat videos on YouTube
Question 8
Which item is closest to you at your desk in your room?
Stress ball
Potato chips
Everything is way too far away for my arm to reach.
Question 9
What's your favorite animal?
Freakin' tigers
Question 10
Why are we here?
To understand our world and help each other out at the same time
To eat and mate.
It's way too early in the morning for this type of question.
It's way too late in the evening for this type of question.